Shogun EP

by Shogun

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released August 4, 2016

Max Muenchow: Bass Guitar
Alvin Vega: Drums
Sam Wallman: Guitar
Joe Widen: Vocals

All material written by Shogun
Recorded at the Doom Bunker
Mixed and Mastered by Shogun at
Hills of Ephraim Recordings
Audio Engineering by Sam Wallman



all rights reserved


Shogun Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Riffs upon riffs, upon riffs, upon more riffs straight from the cosmic cloud

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Track Name: I am the Harbinger
When the garden's rivers run,
Behold the birth of the red rising sun
When mountains rise from stone
Beget the man from flesh and bone

I am the hymnal singer
I am the freedom bringer
My soul no man may injure
I am the harbinger

When mountains rise from stone
Beget the man from flesh and bone
When the garden's rivers run,
Behold the birth of the red rising sun
Awake I'm sleeping
Enigma creeping
Track Name: Electric Kool Aid (Acid Test)
Hypnotic shaman
Black tantric hold
A weaver of words
Twister of souls

I see a hole in Men
A hunger that cannot be fed
Drive at a hundred and ten
A name that cannot be said

Creeps into the mind
A molder of will
Guiding the knife
Cries loud and shrill

Driven like cattle
Hunted with hounds
Traded by slavers
Chained to the ground

Brown skinned woman
Deep southern thunder
Ghosts of progress
Justice asunder
Track Name: Quest for Freedom
Crane on the water
Spreads wings to ponder
The mind of mankind
Was born to wander

Arms stretched to the sky
Flesh and bone stripped away
In the soil my body lies
Burning soul ignites the day

Wonderous expanse
Echoes from the past
Shadows in a void
Infinitely vast

Dove released to sky
Sunrays on arboretum
No one can stop
The quest for freedom
Track Name: Savage
Breath snatched from my lungs
Feel fear as I am overcome
The days are filled with pain
The nights are blood stained

Dead fixated eyes
You've been compromised

The savage, without a nation
Gives way to dull frustration
The heavy hand of wrath
Drums on the warpath
Track Name: Matriarch
Mother did the best she could for me
Father wrote me a letter every week
Alone at night, I stand in my backyard
See my reflection in the stars

Where were you to take my hand?
I tried my very best to understand
Maternal sorrows pass away
I bear the weight of yesterday

Birthed from the eternal womb
Laid to ground in a frozen tomb

Silent like a story untold
At last the awful truth unfolds
Track Name: Substratum
The chalice before you
The devil at your door
Campaigner's battles waged
Hands stained with gore

Get up off your knees
Behold the machine
Rise, unmask the nemeses
Attain the state unseen

The man in the doorway
Darkens your pain,
Betrays you at midnight,
Nothing remains
Get along
So many things gone wrong